Michael Harris

Podcaster, Speaker, Author,
Business Coach, 
Yoga Teacher, Outdoor Adventurer

#1 Bestselling Author  
"Falling Down Getting UP"

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Michael's one of my dearest friends. I admire how approachable he is to everyone. He can relate to all walks
of life, which is only a small component of how he inspires people. I'm so lucky to know him.

~Michele Vennard, Director/Owner, Bikram Yoga San Jose

Michael is also one of 22 contributing
authors to the #1 bestselling book
Expert Success Solutions

More About Michael....
From the moment you meet Michael you know that he is unlike any other “transformation expert.” You will quickly realize that his insights and experience will help you tremendously - especially if you are in 
personal or professional transitions. 

Michael helps his clients realize that they have everything they need to live life with complete fulfillment. Michael's unique background includes small business ownership and being a sought after yoga expert. Michael has literally coached thousands to live life without the constraints of pre-conceived limitations. He has the unique ability to zero in on helping you create the life you want to live. 

Michael is a #1 bestselling author of two books and a radio host. . Michael is driven by an incredible enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. In his spare time he loves to hike in the mountains near his home in Central Oregon.

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