Michael Harris

Bestselling Author, Yoga Teacher, Business Coach 

Phone: 541-604-8456

#1 Bestselling Author - "Falling Down Getting UP"
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Michael is also one of 22 contributing authors to the
#1 bestselling book Expert Success Solutions.

Michael's one of my dearest friends. I admire how approachable he is to everyone. He can relate to all walks
of life, which is only a small component of how he inspires people. I'm so lucky to know him.

~Michele Vennard, Director/Owner, Bikram Yoga San Jose

Yoga Teacher

Michael’s class will help you experience the practice and power of yoga in a whole new way.
You will be guided to new unexplored depths in both your body and your mind.

Michael first started practicing yoga in 1987 as a result of life threatening health conditions. In the 1990's he received three different teaching certifications. Since then he has opened, operated and sold two successful yoga studios.  He continues to teach and practice on a regular basis. Michael has helped train literally thousands of teachers and thousands of students.  Michael’s uplifting teaching style is a favorite for students and teachers everywhere.

Business Coach -
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Yoga Business Expert

“I have known and worked with Michael for years. The incredible insight and
knowledge he has for the business of yoga has helped me tremendously and
I know it will help you too.”

~ Eva Vidal ~ Yoga Teacher & Multiple Studio Owner

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