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Helping authors, experts, entrepreneurs & speakers quickly get their unique message out with podcasts, books & stages to
create massive impact in the world. 

Bottom Line... How We Help… 

Remember show and tell as a kid?
It was really a clever way to teach you how to speak in front of others. 

What we do is to help you take what you already know, 
and unleash the real message maker within you. 

If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll discover how to
masterfully get your story and message to the world. 

The Foundations to Delivering Your Message

Get your message out as an
in-demand podcast guest. 

Helping you write, publish & launch your non-fiction book.

Providing world class
speaker training. 

Start getting booked on your ideal podcasts in as little as 3 days. 
Get your book written and quickly
become a bestselling author.
Discover the insider secrets to speaking and selling from the stage.
Don't waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, 
get expert help & proven story creation frameworks,
 so you can become a master at creating & delivering
your message anytime, anywhere.  

Get Started Today to
Harness the Power of Your Words
By Sharing Your Story on Top Podcasts,
whether or not you're new or experienced...

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Outrageously Great Podcast Guest

A Special Message
David Hancock,
Founder & Publisher, 
Morgan James Publishing 

"I just want to do a shoutout for my dear friend, Michael Harris on his book, Falling Down Getting UP.
Phenomenal book with an awesome foreword by Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing.

Speaking of my dear friend Jay, Jay says that Michael applied guerrilla marketing tactics to staying
alive after a near death experience and busting through overwhelming adversity.

You'll learn more about that in the book.

Michael is also a contributing author to a #1 Morgan James, bestselling book called the Expert Success Solution.
And, it's an honor to have him as a fellow Morgan James author.

Michael has helped countless clients take quantum leaps in their lives, including bringing several
other authors to Morgan James, that became #1. So very excited about that.

So we love you, Michael.
Everybody needs to read this book.
Thank you so much for being you."

~ David Hancock 

Create Your Own Path, Trails are for Tourists 

Are you living your life following in the footsteps
and trails of others? Or, are you intuitively
carving your own path? 

Telling your unique story of your journey in life - all of it - the school of hard knocks and reaching the peaks, 
can and will inspire yourself, and others. 

Whether you're an author, expert, entrepreneur or
speaker, discover how to quickly accelerate
getting your story out and 
an impact on the world.

Everything you need is inside of you...It’s simply discovering how to use it. 

You know you're destined for something bigger. 
Are you ready to create your own path? 

Michael's Books... 

#1 International Bestselling Books 

Michael is an in-demand top podcast expert & guest... 

 "Michael, Tyler and their team are masters at helping clients to quickly establish themselves as both in-demand 
podcast guests and as speakers.

I cannot recommend them enough."

~ Alex Sanfilippo, Co-Founder of PodMatch

The Ultimate Guide to Being an
Outrageously Great
Podcast Guest

Don't Just

take my word for it... 

Check out what some of
my clients are saying.

The Big Picture
"From the first moment I met Michael, I knew that he had some truly unique and razor sharp insights that would help my business grow. He not only knows the vital nitty gritty behind the scenes systems, he also has a remarkable view of the ‘big picture."

"From the first moment I met Michael, I knew that he had some truly unique and razor sharp insights
that would help my business grow. 
He not only knows the vital nitty gritty behind
the scenes systems, 
he also has a remarkable view of the ‘big picture."

Transformation Coach, Sold $100m+ from the Stage
~ Robert Raymond Riopel 
   Became a #1 Podcast Guest in 45 Days
"In early 2022, I joined the Endless Stages Quick Start program. If you want to zoom to the top,
then listen to Michael and Tyler 
co-founders of Endless Stages. Because
they're guiding me to do is top notch."
Intuitive Life & Relationship Catalyst
~ Andrea Petrut
More Focused

"Whenever I have asked Michael for anything, he has 
always stepped up to the plate - often helping with dazzling speed."

"Whenever I have asked Michael for anything, he has always stepped up to the plate - often helping with dazzling speed."
Founder of Speak & Grow Rich & Promoter of World Renowned Thought Leaders 
~ Gail Kingsbury
   Profits Jumped in Six Weeks
"When we started working with Michael on our wellness business
 our profits jumped within weeks. He immediately helped us
focus on what 
we wanted in our life and in our ventures."
Entrepreneurs and Owners of Vibrant Health Center 
Tom & Jonalyn Henle
"Whenever I have asked Michael for anything, he has always stepped up to the plate - often helping with dazzling speed."

Just a few of Michael's 5 Star reviews
from podcasts he's appeared on. 

"Michael was an inspirational well-spring of knowledge and real life experiences. The conversation was lively and, best of all, down-to-Earth and HUMAN! It was
a grand adventure all around!"
"I had a tremendous time collaborating with Michael on my podcast. We both contributed to the PodMatch Guest Mastery book and it was great to come together to talk about that, how to grow from failure, why you need to tell your story, and more. I had a great time chatting with Michael and I'm confident you will, too. Get him booked today!" 
"Great guest Michael is, and we had a great conversation on yoga, life, falling down and getting up and on his
special connection with India.
Strongly recommend."
"Michael is one of the brightest lights I've had the pleasure to interview!
Insightful, connected, and
authentically of service to others.
He's a wonderful guest!"
"A Hall of Fame guest.
A MUST have for your podcast.
Full of information, motivation
and inspiration" 
"Michael was an absolutely wonderful guest on my podcast "The New Mind Creator". He provided great insight for my audience as he talked about his journey
to wellness & the power of yoga."
"Absolutely loved interviewing Michael!
His story is incredible!
Highly recommend."
"What an amazing conversation we had Michael is so forthcoming and over delivers. We immediately connected and it was a heartfelt conversation. It was not an interview it was a conversation between 2 longtime friends (even though we just met).  Michael is gracious and a great
storyteller who captures the attention
of all listeners. A great guest, highly
recommend him to all podcasters." 
"Michael is a wonderful guest
and adds so much value.
He is passionate about connecting
with the audience."
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